As guide dog users, it is important for us to not only get together as a group and share ideas, it is also very important for us to spread the word about how much having a guide dog means to us. A special thanks to our puppy raisers and our schools where the dogs train, for they have made a huge difference in our lives.

Associates & Guide Dogs

Wayne & Poncho

Jane & Anja

Richard/Paula & Nadia

Dan/Blanca & Harrison

Ethan & River

Meagan & Pasta

Anthony & Chipper

Lorna & Eliza

Mike/Tina &Bianca

Linda & Anchorage

Tina & Donovan

Debbie & Chaz

Sandy & Banner

Laurie & Nalo

Terry & Eden

Tony & Sam

Peggy & Wyatt

Mike & Troy

Paula/Joey & Shiva

Mindy/Lance & Braxton

Tom & Wrigley

Chris & Shellie

Kayla & Tristia

Richard &

John &

Annie/Larry &

Cesear & Eloise

Liz adams &Eva

Karen & Recco

Debbie/Bob & Freemont

Jana & Russ

Valerie Ormontt

Gerry & Purcell

Serena & Spruce

Jeff & Fodi
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