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Guide Dog Teams of Orange County

Banner showing pictures of Orange County Guide Dogs and Teams

New members Annie and Larry Funk

Tina Wilson and her guide dog

Thomas Olzak and Wayne Heidle at the September meeting

Guide Dogs at play

"All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming."

Helen Keller

Creating a Community to Support,Inform

and Promote the use of Guide Dogs

July 26th Meeting

On Saturday July 26, 2014, Meeting we had a get to know you session and had several new members in attendance

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<h3>Next Meeting September 26th 2014<br><br></h3>

<br><br><h4 id=Think you may need a Guide Dog or have a Loved one who you think would benefit from a Guide Dog, contact us today for more information

A Group of Members at the September Meeting

New Members Mindy and Lance & Braxton

President Richard King and Nadia his guide dog

Wayne Heidle guide dog Poncho with Puppy Raiser

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